Quality Assurance

Everything we do at Elmec is focused on acheiving three company goals. These goals are communicated to all employees.

– Provide the customer with the best possible product, price, quality, and service.

– Build an environment where employees can truly enjoy their work and the quality of their working life.

– Maintain these standards while running a profitable operation that can look forward to sustained growth.

All members of Elmec’s organization are empowered and are held accountable for their participation in quality control as described in the quality manual and Elmec’s documented procedures. An atmosphere of continuous improvement is encouraged by Elmec in all areas of operation. This is done in part by collecting inspection and processing data in a systematic fashion and applying stastical analysis where applicable.

Elmec’s quality system was designed in accordance with Mil-I-45208. Additionally, ISO9000 and ISO9002 have been used as models to the extent that they support Elmec quality goals.